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The Big Sur Folk FEstival 1969

BIG SUR Calif. 1969 A musical documentary of the 1969 Big Sur Folk Festival, filmed in a chaotic style reminiscent of Woodstock. It features performances by Joan Baez, John Sebastian, Crosby, Stils, Nash, and Neil Young and many many more icons...
BIG SUR Calif. 1969

Joni Mitchell-"Get Together" (Big Sur Celebration)

Some of the finest folk singers and musicians in the world positioned themselves on the edge of some of America's most glorious scenery for a farewell to summer and a celebration of nonviolence in mid-September. It was the sixth annual Big Sur Folk Festival.

The festival, held on the tree-shaded lawns of Esalen, also differed from other recent celebrations in that here the "scene" did not eclipse the music, but merely served as a complement. According to its producers, Nancy Carlen and Paula Kates, Big Sur was designed as a "performers festival," an opportunity for artists to come together after a hectic summer on the festival circuit for some peace and solitude.

Crosby Stills Nash and Young played the final set, as on Saturday, repeatedly bringing the thinning crowd to it's feet. For a finale - with the audience pushed forward around the pool, closer to the performers now - everyone at the festival reprise "Oh Happy Day".

Joni Mitchell David Crosby Steven Stills Neil Young Graham Nash Joan Baez Folk Festival Big Sur

Celebration At Big Sur Part 1

Celebration At Big Sur Part 3 - Joan Baez

Celebration At Big Sur Part 4

Celebration At Big Sur Prt. 5 - CSNY Sea Of Madness, 4+20

Celebration At Big Sur Part 7 - The Ohm People

Celebration At Big Sur Part 8 - John Sebastian Joni Mitchell

Celebration At Big Sur Part 9

Joni Mitchell-Get Together (Big Sur Celebration)

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